You ask: What can you do for me?

We answer: in TSL- everything 🙂

Do you want to assign us the realization of the transport services? Great choice! We dispose of well-equipped fleet, experienced drivers staff and all  necessary documents, which allow us  to move around the country and abroad. More details can be found in „Transport” tab.

However it is not everything! Our range of services also includes shipping. Thanks to our shipment agents your shipment will be organized like clockwork. We are truly aware of that time means money, and that is why we guarantee you on-time, efficient and complex service. You may find more about it in „Shipping” tab.

And last but not least -logistics….! Because it is known that logistics is not everything but everything without logistics is nothing 🙂 That is why in this area you can rely on our help likewise. What can we do for you? More in „Logistics” tab.


Efficient flow of raw materials and consumables


Within the transport services we provide shipments: full track and less than container loads, ADR dangerous materials, both across the country and abroad (it is about UE countries but also for example Switzerland, Norway, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, etc.)


Within the logistic services we will optimize the costs of logistic processes for you, and also we will choose the best means and methods of gaining the target.